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CAPITAL : Madrid
POPULATION : 46,661,950 (2009 estimate)
DISTRICTS : 46,661,950 (2009 estimate)
RELIGION : 80% Christian (Roman Catholic); approx. 20% profess no religion
TIME : CET (Central European Time)


The home of the European sun, siesta and sophistication, Spain is fast becoming one of the most prestigious European countries in terms of economy, tourism and appeal. Modernisation of transport systems and more in-depth exploitation of the country’s natural charm and culture have opened Spain’s doors wide to holiday-goers and property investors alike.


Spain is one of Europe’s westernmost countries, with a location that lends itself to widely varied climates. Bordered by France, Andorra and the Pyrenees to the northeast, Portugal on its western border and coastline for the remainder, Spain consists of continental, oceanic, semiarid, subtropical and Mediterranean climates. Overall, the country is a sunny paradise, with warm weather throughout most of the year. 

Culture and History

From being occupied by the Roman Empire, to the North African Muslim armies and finally becoming the country it is today, Spain has been influenced by many cultures, which can be seen in the presence of both ancient Roman and Muslim architecture, often standing side-by-side with Medieval and modern Spanish styles. Spanish cathedrals like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Alhambra in Granada and the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid are all testament to this admirable diversity and history.

Economy and Infrastructure

Spain has the ninth largest economy in the world and the fifth largest in Europe. This is largely due to some of the larger EU partners’ input and assistance. Spain is very focused on its tourism industry, which at 40 billion Euros a year is the second biggest in the world. Spain also remains the world’s third-largest investor, despite the country suffering under the recent economic recession.   


Spain remains one of the most popular holiday destinations, most specifically for the cold-weather European countries. The country is steeped in history and culture, and can satisfy the tastes of any thrill-seeker, whether it’s touring the cities with their cathedrals, galleries and museums, travelling across country to go a bit more rustic, or relaxing on the Mediterranean beaches, Spain has something to do for everyone. The country’s transportation systems are quite advanced, making travel so much easier, and with the constant influx of tourists, the country can afford to be more adaptable with the costs of travelling to it. 

Interesting Facts

  • Four popular Spanish festivals: San Fermin (the running of the bulls, in Pamplona), Tomatina (the Buñol tomato battle), Moros i Cristians (the Valencia commemoration of the battles between the Christians and the Moors) and Fallas (St. Joseph’s Day, also in Valencia).
  • Spain did not actively participate in either one of the two World Wars.
  • Spain was the third country to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces, in 2006.