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CAPITAL : Washington D.C.
POPULATION : 309,918,000 (2010 estimate)
DISTRICTS : 50 states; Maryland (capital state)
RELIGION : Free exercise of all religions
TIME : Eastern UTC -5 to -10


The United States is often at the forefront of global events, both in politics, culture and economy. Undoubtedly one of the most diverse and multi-cultural nations, due to mass immigrations in past centuries, this patriotic country is the third largest in the world. The United States is arguably one of the world’s only superpowers.  

Geography and Climate

The US is situated in the central belt of the North American continent. Stretched across four time zones, the country also has a similarly diverse range of climates:
  • Humid continental weather in the northern parts of the country
  • Humid subtropical climate occurs in many southern parts of the US
  • The Great Plains and Mid-West areas have semi-arid climates
  • Arid and desert climates occur in the Great Basin and southwest areas
  • Oceanic and Mediterranean climates can be found on the western seaboard>
  • Alpine climates occur in most of the mountain ranges in the country
  • Sub-arctic climates can be found in Alaska


The United States’ histories are well documented and recognized throughout the world. Key events like the War for Independence and the American Civil War have shaped culture, politics and philosophy for centuries to come, and captured the imagination of many independence-seeking nations, both at the time and up to this day. Although the US originated as a predominantly English nation – thanks to the colonial efforts of 17th century Great Britain – the previous century has seen massive influxes of Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Irish and many other immigrating nationals.


The US has an abundance of natural resources, is a highly productive nation and has one of the most sophisticated infrastructures in the world: 
  • With a $14.4 trillion GDP, the US brings up 21% of the world’s overall products. 
  • The US is also the world’s largest importer of foreign goods. 
  • The service industry makes up nearly 68%, but the US has an industrially-driven economy in terms of manufacturing, retail and wholesale ventures. 
  • Although labour taxes in the US are lower than the global average, corporate income and property taxes are higher.


The US is undeniably the world’s leader in shaping popular culture, and is responsible for some of the most pioneering advances in terms of film, theatre, television, advertising, literature and modern art movements. Influences in these fields came from all around the world, and were then popularized by the US’s brand of inherent cultural advertising and marketing. 

Interesting Facts

  • The United States Declaration of Independence was originally inscribed on hemp paper.
  • America as a whole consumes about 100 acres of pizza on a daily basis.
  • Niagara Falls drops 60 metres into Lake Ontario, with enough water pluming into the air to fill 4,000 bathtubs per second.
  • The state of Alaska contains more than 3 million lakes.
  • The avocado capital of the world is Fallbrook, in the state of California.
  • As of 2010, the city of New York alone contained more than 3.8 million people, which is roughly a seventh of the entire population in Australia.