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POPULATION : 65,447,374 (2010 estimate)
DISTRICTS : 22 Metropolitan regions, including the island of Corsica
RELIGION : Predominantly Christian (Catholic), with 41% either atheistic/agnostic/non-religious, 4% Muslim, 3% Protestant and 1% each for Buddhists and Jews.
CURRENCY : Euro, CFP Franc


France is undeniably one of the most popular destinations in the world, not only because of its charm as the ‘country of love’, but also because of the varied landscapes, fair weather and variety of choices to enjoy, from shopping in advanced cosmopolitan cities, skiing in the Alps, enjoying the balmy weather at the French Riviera or travelling the rivers and valleys of the Loire with its breath-taking and opulent chateaus, there’s always something to do when in France.


Situated between Spain, Italy and the Benelux nations, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra, Metropolitan France is considered the largest state in the EU. Historically, France has innumerable sights, sounds and places to visit. Known as the land of revolution, cathedrals and fine cuisine, France is a tourist paradise. A range of climates can be found and enjoyed, including forested areas, snow-covered mountains, clement coastlines, valleys and rolling flatlands and pristine greenery.


  • The most beloved attractions in France remain the romantically-focused capital of Paris. 
  • Provence is also popular, with its warmer climate and rustic appeal. Alternately, people are also drawn to the more rural areas, with their ages-old and picturesque allure. 
  • For those more interested in a taste of Mediterranean lifestyle, sans the overcrowded busy seasons, the island of Corsica – known as L’Île de Beauté, the Isle of Beauty – offers just that. 
  • The GR20, one of Europe’s most famous hiking trails, is located in France.


France has the fifth largest economy in the world, with massive industrialization rampant throughout the country. Despite this abundance of private, state and government enterprises, France remains a beautiful country that is mostly untouched by lasting forms of pollution, mostly due to its focus on using nuclear power, making it the country with the smallest carbon dioxide emissions amongst its industrial contemporaries and peers.


In 2007, France had an approximate 82 million foreign tourists, making it the first tourist destination of choice in the world. Arguably the country and all its cultural charm may be seen as one of the most stable markets in terms of rental and investment purposes. 


Travelling across this country is a painless exercise, with large railway systems, multiple international airports (like Charles de Gaulle in Paris, as well as Nice and Lyon), ferries, bikes and sophisticated highways making navigation easy.

Interesting Facts

  • Approximately 20% of France is not in continental Europe.
  • There are 24 rivers in France, all of them contributing to France’s transportation routes.
  • After London and Monaco, the Saint-Jean Cap Ferat peninsula in France is the world’s most expensive place to buy real estate in.
  • France is at the forefront of the world in terms of luxury goods produced. Think haute couture. 
  • The tallest bridge in the world, the Millau Viaduct, is in the south of France.