Terms And Conditions for Holidays Rentals

By requesting Ocaso Properties Ltd advertise your property within its database you are agreeing to the £90.00 (inclusive of VAT) one off non-refundable charge as outlined. Ocaso Properties will check all the information supplied by you and allow up to 8 pictures/images of your property.

All enquiries generated by the property details will be sent directly to you the ‘property owner’ to reply to the clients directly. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the text of the advert.

You agree to Ocaso Properties Ltd adding your property details to other internet property portals or alternative advertising methods in an attempt to maximize your property coverage.

You agree to indemnify Ocaso Properties Ltd against any copyright issues relating to the text or images that you have supplied on our data base to support your advert.

You must reply to all enquires as soon as ‘realistically possible’ to ensure that clients receive all the information they have requested.